The Benefits of Balance Bikes

So often I am asked the question in store “Why are Balance Bike so good? Why all the hype?”

Put simply Balance bikes are one of the rare products that deserve the hype that surrounds them.

The key benefit of the balance bike is that they help learn balance, co-ordination and are much safer than a tricycles which are awkward to manoeuvre or bikes with training wheels which are dangerous on uneven surfaces, especially when children gain confidence and speed.

After riding the balance bike children will transition to a bike with pedals very quickly and be more confident on there new bike.

Cost? It actually works out cheaper to buy your child a balance bike and then transition straight to a 16″ bike rather than a tricycle then a 12″ with training wheels then finally onto the 16″ bike.

I can personally recommend the firstBIKE as we have had one in our family for 5 years and is still in excellent working order. When we are done, this one bike will have seen through all 3 of our children. Now that’s value for money!

Made form Glass fibre technology the FirstBIKE is flexible and can tolerate the rough use from kids. As I previously mentioned 3 Children from my house!!

Depending on the height of the child some children can start on a balance bike as young as 18 months as an added benefit we also have lowering kits available for the Firtbike which no other balance bike brand offers.

Wooden Balance Bikes are also fantastic, very on trend and a little more affordable however the longevity of the Wooden Bike is not as great as the FirstBIKE. The Wooden bikes are great if you intend it’s use for 1 child or are looking for a cool and funky design.