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Flat Rate Shipping $12.95 Australia Wide - *excludes bulky items

Abilitations Coocoon Swing

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Sling swings are statistically proven and comforting deep-sensory tools for improving children's gross and fine motor development.

Rocking or swinging motion of hanging chairs promotes improved balance / equilibrium and a sense of relaxation / calmness for children of all abilities and needs.

Consistent use of an activity swing also helps children master stair climbing and safe maneuvering around a room. Children's swing can be utilised in various positions such as laying down, sitting with legs out, or sitting with legs curled in Providing deep touch pressure and gentle vestibular input, this swing makes the perfect sensory solution for a quiet, reading and / or study space.

The fabric used for the sensory cocoon swing is machine washable and soft to touch.

The sensory cocoon swing Includes integrated loop for hanging on a chain or rope. the sensory cocoon swing is designed to be suspended from the ceiling from a rotator or chain attached to an anchor bolt, which has been safely secured into a structural beam. An appropriately sized chain or rope (not included) is needed to lower seat to the proper height.

IMPORTANT - Never install swing seat higher than 40cm from floor. The Sensory Cocoon Swing in NOT to be used with swing stands.

Made in the USA.

Includes: 1 Fabric Activity Swing with Integrated Loop for Hanging

IMPORTANT: Base/Mount Type: Anchor Bolt (not included)

Material: 96% Nylon 4% Spandex

Product Dimensions: Approximately L 52 cm x W 101.5 cm

Age Range: 4+ years

Weight Range: Up to 55 kg