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Social Media Update

We are very lucky to find ourselves living in an age of social networking so we can share our thoughts, ideas and memories. At Dotz we also love branching out to social media. It helps us discover what our customers are looking for in products so we can offer you what you want. It also […]


It has been a fun a weekend spending 2 full days attending a number of trade fairs in Melbourne. We had a great weekend but always nice to come home to the Kiddies. We are very excited to be receiving some amazing new products in the coming weeks ready for Christmas! (Yes, scary thought I know) […]

The Benefits of Balance Bikes

So often I am asked the question in store “Why are Balance Bike so good? Why all the hype?” Put simply Balance bikes are one of the rare products that deserve the hype that surrounds them. The key benefit of the balance bike is that they help learn balance, co-ordination and are much safer than a […]

Mohdoh for Kids Chill Out

Chill Out’ is a powerful aromatherapy, play and colour therapy to help create an extremely effective yet fun way of helping to relax minds and bodies that are constantly on the go As ‘Chill Out’ is played with the carefully selected essential oils of Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Lavandin are vaporised and inhaled providing […]